My Approach

Hi, I am Deb Pomeroy, Pure Good Health Coach and I support busy, health-mind individuals in taking back control of their health by giving them access to the right lab testing to find the missing pieces of their health puzzle which guides them to spot what is wrong and get back to feeling like themselves again.
I empower YOU by teaching a model of self-care to relieve a variety of health complaints and improve overall wellbeing. Using a functional diagnostic and integrative approach, I guide you to identify healing opportunities (within the hormone, gut and immune systems, etc.) that are creating dysfunction or imbalance in the body.

Summary into my functional health coaching approach

What we find

Using the results from the questionnaires and lab tests, we can identify:

  • How well the body is responding to stress (or in most cases how it’s NOT responding at all).
  • How the body is robbing itself of hormones to create other hormones that it is lacking.
  • How healthy the gut is (or isn’t); if parasites, bacteria or yeast are present and creating toxic overload.
  • How congested the liver might be creating a back-up in all the bodily systems.
  • And which foods you may be intolerant to, which is creating an inflammatory response.

How I Work


Starting with Discovery Consultation and based upon the client’s main health complaints, I will recommend specific lab test(s) to do the detective work. A series of home-based lab tests and questionnaires are used to uncover hidden stressors and identify healing opportunities.


We review results together. Start D.R.E.S.S. (Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress, Supplement) based on your uniqueness. Everything is customized to your results.


In my past experience, I have partnered with clients who have struggled with weight loss among other personal health issues preventing them from reaching their optimal health and enjoying life to the fullest.  I have even struggled myself with weight loss in the past- lack of energy, low libido and chronic muscle and joint aches.

You don’t have to live this way!!!

Most of your “common” symptoms/aches/pains aren’t “normal” or a “part of getting older” but a result of some type of imbalance or dysfunction occurring in the body. Once balance is restored, those symptoms/aches/pains will disappear altogether, or at least diminish, making weight loss and optimal health a reality!
Ready to take a deeper look at your health? and get to the bottom of your biggest health complaints, for REAL solutions so that you can feel like your energetic self again?
Schedule a complimentary 45-minute Ideal Health & Weight Discovery Session with me by clicking on the button below ↓

P.S. This may feel a bit over-whelming, my programs are designed to provide you with the full support, guidance and accountability you need. Your success is my success! I am committed to helping you create long- lasting change so that healthy just becomes your way of being.

Frequently asked questions

The membership plan gives you the support you need to track and improve your symptoms over time. Work with me as your certified health coach and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner via video visits and unlimited emailing to make the changes in your personalized plan. From there, if need be, we will repeat your test at 6 months and see how you’re doing while tracking your progress.
For advanced testing done through blood work, we'll use a lab local to you! Your Pure Good Health team will order the necessary labs and you'll be able to review the results with your provider, and directly view them in your Biocanic Personal Client Portal account as well. For advanced testing done outside of blood work, like a microbiome stool test, or in-depth hormone test - these will be 'take home' kits. Your Pure Good Health team will ship these directly to your home, you'll ship them back out to the lab and then you’ll be able to review the results with your team! We're here to help each step of the way to make sure you understand the process for each test and costs associated.

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