Gut Harmony

The #1 Top Secret that Your Doctor Isn’t Talking About!!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Reversing Leaky Gut – YOUR BIGGEST HEALING OPPORTUNITY! Get Rid of Bloating, Digestive Issues, Migraines, Joint Aches and Pains, Skin Breakouts, Restore Hormone Balance, Heal Autoimmunity And MORE!

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There is also a possible additional investment in the two lab tests required for the program. These lab tests are billed directly to your insurance. If your insurance covers any portion of the test, your out of pocket cost for the stool sample test is $0. If your insurance does not cover any portion of the lab test your out of pocket cost is $125 for each test paid upon time of completion ($250 total for both tests). If you do not have insurance or live outside of the U.S., your cost for the stool sample test is $395/each.
(Note: Personalized supplements will be an additional cost and can range from $75-150 per month and can be adjusted to fit your budget. You will receive a 20% discount on recommended supplements.)