Setting Morning Routines

Setting Morning Routines

We’ve all experienced a chaotic morning: rushing to shower, get ready, eat something healthy, and get out the door. Maybe it was because you hit snooze one too many times or the kids procrastinated to get dressed or there was just something extra that needed to get done.

Do you remember the way you felt the rest of that day?

Starting your morning rushed can cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed throughout the rest of your day. Skip dealing with these unwanted feelings and set yourself up for success with the help of a healthy morning routine!

Setting a morning routine is the perfect way to start the day off on the right foot. If the thought of this immediately makes you think, “Nope, I am not a morning person.” Don’t worry! A morning routine doesn’t necessarily mean you’re awake before the sun rises. There are a variety of small changes you can make towards having a productive day without changing your entire sleep schedule!

So forget rushing out the door in the morning and instead give yourself the time to wake up slowly and mindfully. This will help you keep up with healthy habits throughout the day and can even modify your mood and energy.

Begin by focusing on the habits you can stop doing before you start adding more to your morning.

Things to stop:

Hitting snooze.
Instead of leaving your alarm next to your bed at arm’s reach, put it across the room or even in another room so you have to physically get out of bed to turn it off. Having to get out of bed will ultimately make the process of waking up a bit easier.

Scrolling through your phone first thing.
Don’t check your email or social media immediately. It will all still be there after you’ve successfully gotten out of bed and woken up. Checking your phone tends to take up more time than you anticipate and can cause overstimulation and stress before you’ve even started your day. Try to turn off your notifications overnight and check in with your mail and social media once you’ve settled into your day and are ready to get everything started.

Here are some simple habits to incorporate into your morning routine to have a successful day.

Things to start: 

Set your alarm just 15 or 30 minutes earlier.
Setting your alarm earlier than usual will allow additional time to get your day started. If you enjoy the extra time, try 45 or 60 minutes next.

Brush your teeth and tongue.
Brushing your teeth and tongue immediately after waking up helps remove the bacteria that built up overnight and refreshes your mouth. This should be done every day before any food or water.

Practice stillness.
Whether it’s a breathing exercise, light stretching, or meditation, practicing stillness can transform your entire day. While meditation may not be for everyone, taking just a few moments out of your morning to sit up, close your eyes, and let your mind focus can be a great way to start. Repeat a morning mantra about how you want the rest of your day to start. Example: “I am willing. I am capable. I am powerful.” Repeating statements like these in the morning can help set you up for success. As humans, we often focus on what we do wrong and what we can do better; instead, try to focus on your abilities and how powerful you are in choosing your future.

Get moving.
Getting any kind of movement – like yoga, jumping jacks, cycling, squats, and walking – into your morning will help wake you up and make you feel more alert and alive. It gets your blood flowing to wake up your muscles and mind.

Splash your face with water.
Splashing your face with water is a quick way to wake up. If you’re feeling drowsy, a simple splash can be the fix.

Drink warm water with lemon.
Warm water with lemon immediately wakes up your metabolism and digestive system. It helps detoxify your body and gives you a natural burst of energy. After you’ve brushed your teeth each morning, have a large glass before drinking or eating anything else.

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